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TurnOnGreen is Formed to Provide Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Milpitas, CA, Sep 14, 2021 — TurnOnGreen Inc. (“TurnOnGreen” or “TOGI”), formerly known as Coolisys Technologies Corp., announced today that it has successfully launched the TOGI commercial EV charging product line and marketing campaign with installations in southern and central California locations set for late September 2021 and into October 2021. TurnOnGreen Technologies (“TOGT”), a subsidiary of TOGI, is a manufacturer of EV charging and power storage systems. TOGT’s commercial EV charging platform features four models:

TurnOnGreen was founded with the goal to be an industry leader with a robust product portfolio that Coolisys anticipates will include residential, commercial, and ultra-fast charging stations. TurnOnGreen also provides full-service eMobility charging management application software and network services. Coolisys’ current ACECOOL products will be rebranded as TurnOnGreen products. Coolisys has hired three key executives to join Amos Kohn, President, and CEO of Coolisys, in leading this new subsidiary.

Mr. Kohn, as President and CEO of Coolisys and TurnOnGreen, stated, “As we move closer to the commercial launch of our products, we are pleased to have an experienced management team to lead the charge and build out our brands. With a shared mission to do our part to fight climate change, this team continuously strives to bring to emerging markets innovative solutions that provide value for the Company, its consumers and its shareholders. With our 50 years of experience in the power electronics business, we have the knowledge base to enable a successful launch of our product lines.” Mr. Kohn concluded, “Further, given the talents of our new management team, I have the utmost confidence in our ability to quickly scale and provide EV drivers with charging options at home, work and destination locations.”

Joining Coolisys and TurnOnGreen are three individuals with expertise in sales, marketing and technology, respectively:

Marcus Charuvastra, Chief Revenue Officer

Marcus Charuvastra is an accomplished leader with 20 years of experience in strategic planning, sales, services, marketing and business and organizational development. At TurnOnGreen, Marcus leads the sales, mobility ecosystem relationships, and business development functions.

Before joining TurnOnGreen, Mr. Charuvastra spent 11 years at Targeted Medical Pharma serving as Vice President of Operations and as the Managing Director of this microcap biotech start-up. During his tenure, he was instrumental in taking Targeted Medical Pharma public. Mr. Charuvastra was previously Director of Sales and Marketing at Physician Therapeutics and was responsible for building the sales and distribution network in the United States and abroad. He is a graduate of UCLA.

Jodi Brichan, Executive Chairwoman

Jodi Brichan is a commercialization expert with more than 20 years of experience in bringing new products to market in hypergrowth healthcare industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, energy devices and life sciences. With more than five years of board experience, Jodi joins TurnOnGreen as Executive Chairwoman supporting the organizational development of TurnOnGreen and its board of directors as well as its executive management team with a view to supporting the CEO and President and the other members of the management team in striving to achieve TurnOnGreen’s goals, concentrating on its marketing initiatives to drive revenue and shareholder value.

Before joining TurnOnGreen, Ms. Brichan served as CEO of a wholly-owned animal health subsidiary of an EU-based pharmaceutical company that develops new chemotherapy products to treat cancer in companion animals. She also served as a communications executive at two of the leading global communications networks, Omnicom and Publicis. She has significant experience in guiding successful new product launches, creating award-winning advertising campaigns, directing digital transformation initiatives, and leading successful business expansion into new markets. As an EV driver for the past eight years, she is passionate about the societal benefits of driving electric. She holds a B.A.A. from Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Douglas Gintz, Chief Technology Officer

Douglas P. Gintz serves as Chief Technology Officer at Coolisys Technologies, Corp. He is responsible for driving strategic software initiatives and delivering key technologies essential to the market penetration of Coolisys’ EV charging systems.

Mr. Gintz is a programmer, marketing technologist and designer who has been delivering essential technology and content solutions to a wide audience for more than 30 years. Specializing in emerging technologies, he has developed DNA reporting engines, medical billing software, manufacturing compliance systems and e-commerce applications for companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. Mr. Gintz’s hands-on experience in bringing retail products to market includes concept development, research, planning, programming and package design. His previous leadership roles include positions such as CEO, CTO, CIO, and CMO.

Mr. Charuvastra stated that “The future is bright for TurnOnGreen. We have the products, the people and the passion to quickly enter the dynamic EV charging market and quickly scale to provide affordable EV chargers for home, businesses and destination locations.”


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